OKER Multi Keyboard IK 3280

OKER Multi Keyboard IK 3280

-Easy to connect features TH / EN Screen Keyboard Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard For computers,
tablets and smartphones, can be used in a distance of 10 meters, which can operate up to 3 devices by switching between.

-Equipment seamlessly By turning the knob to the desired machine Support multiple systems .

-There is a groove for placing the device at an angle that fits the eye. Easy to use with tablets and smartphones.

- Compatible with a variety of operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS comes with Thai screen characters for you to use perfectly.

- Support wireless system via Bluetooth wave 2.4Ghz frequency - Operating radius is 10 meters.

29,000.00 K 29,000.00 K 29000.0 MMK

29,000.00 K