HOCO ES39 TWS Wireless Headset (Earbuds)

HOCO ES39 TWS Wireless Headset (Earbuds)

-ES39 Original Series TWS Wireless Headset with Locate Function and Wireless Charging True TWS Earphone

-The appearance is close to 1:1 of the original Apple AirPods

-The weight gain of the product is close to the original, increased anti-magnetic effect after the cover is closed

-In ear detection, real power display, support to change Bluetooth name and location settings

-The operation mode Changed from previous touch in to knock on

-Bluetooth V5.0; JLAC6936D chip

-Battery capacity: 320mAh (charging compartment); 30mAh (single ear); charging time is about 1 hour

-Talk music time: 3 hours (80% volume); standby time 200 hours

-Support pop-up window of Apple mobile phone, three true power display of charging compartment / left and right earphones, ear detection, modify Bluetooth pairing name, positioning, tap operation; support wireless charging

32,000.00 K 32,000.00 K 32000.0 MMK

32,000.00 K